Actual ’90s R&B Videos Funnier than Fake ’90s R&B Videos

I’m happy to admit the video for “Dick in a Box” was funny, but the Blogosphere was oversaturated with it about fifteen minutes after it aired and it didn’t take long for me to tire of it. A little part of me died (mostly the area around my pancreas) every time I saw someone throw it up on a blog entry or a MySpace bulletin or in their AIM away message. I thought we’d moved past that by now, but even three months after it originally aired, blogs I read regularly are posting it.

Part of the reason this bothers me is that there are dozens of early ’90s R&B videos that are actually funnier than “Dick in a Box.”

For a good laugh, you don’t even have to go to easy targets like Color Me Badd or a nutball like R. Kelly, whose video for “Honey Love” features not only some prescient pee party imagery, but also headlamps fashioned into mock-headset microphones.

For a less likely but no less funny source, ou could turn to H-Town and their video for the classic, “Knockin’ Da Boots” instead:

My three favorite things about this video:

1) The definition of “Knockin’ Da Boots”
Dude claims it’s “two boots coming together to make tasteful lust.” I know he couldn’t just come out and say, “IT MEANS HUMPIN’,” but isn’t there a more graceful or at least comprehensible way to say that? I love how he slapped “lust” on the end of that instead of “love” to save himself from appearing too sensitive. Also, if you didn’t know what “knockin da boots” means and only had that definition and the video to go on, the shots of a baseball bat smacking the hell out of waterlogged Timberlands might lead you to believe it actually has something to do with shoe abuse.

2) They play strip 3-D chess
Seriously, this is on some Star Trek meets BET Uncut shit.

3) The Intermission
Right around the 3:50 mark, H-Town decides it’s time to take a little break to get up, do a little stretching, maybe hit the bathroom and, oh yeah, ladies, you go get a towel. H-town is going to need one to suggestively clean their sports equipment while leering at you, ’cause it’s laid out like that, y’know?

There are plenty of great ’90s R&B videos floating around out there on your pal YouTube. Next time you get the urge to post a video featuring JT and his junk, please think better of it and go with something from Bill Bellamy-era MTV Jams instead.

Tuesday March 13th 2007, 8:42 pm
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Have you seen the “Dick in a Box” spinoff called “Box in a Box”? OMG, now THAT’s funny stuff.

Comment by Matthew
March 14, 2007 @ 6:03 pm


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