Five Good Relatively Underheard Bands And Links To Their MySpace Pages

The Minor Canon
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished made me realize how uncommon it is to find a consistently sad record that never becomes overly maudlin or some ridiculous emo caricature. This debut from The Minor Canon is melancholy in a way that matches the insecure, unsure, spinning-wheels feeling that causes the long-term dull ache of a quarter-life crisis.

Now that I’ve probably totally turned you off, let me give you a practical use for this album: this is the perfect soundtrack for getting drunk and depressing yourself by looking up your high school graduating class on MySpace.

Paul Larson, who’s played with Jimmy Tamborello in Dntel and Strictly Ballroom, is the driving force behind The Minor Canon, but there are a bunch of dudes playing on this album and the sound is dense. The horns, which would sound at home on an old Aretha ballad, are what draws me in and keeps me listening once I’ve wrapped up my pity party.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, they’ll be playing at Spaceland in Silver Lake every Monday in April. Check them out and tell me how they are live.

* The Minor Canon on MySpace
* The Minor Canon – “It Never Was” (left-click mp3)

Bombay Bicycle Club
I listened to Bombay Bicycle Club’s debut EP virtually at random. I pretty regularly cruise the weekly new releases on Rhapsody and listen to anything with cover art or a name that catches my eye, which sometimes leads me to listening to a band like Fangboner (awesome name, dudes!), but it’s also led me to some real gems with surprising frequency.

Anyway, I put The Boy I Used To Be on in the background while I did some work, but it kept me from concentrating. I couldn’t help but stop everything and listen closely. This pretty much never happens.

The EP is four brisk, breezy tracks of wind-in-your-hair Summertime rock and roll. When I looked them up, I was legitimately surprised to discover none of Bombay Bicycle Club’s members are eighteen years old yet. If you can listen to this without that depressing you, I wholly recommend it. They have the whole EP available for streaming on their MySpace page.

* Bombay Bicycle Club on MySpace

Sleeping In The Aviary
Sleeping In The Aviary is another band I listened to at random and I’m glad I did. Their album Oh, This Old Thing? is just under a half hour of totally exuberant punky pop songs, like if The Thermals decided to set aside the politics for a minute and just get down. On the few occasions when they dial back the tempo a bit, they end up sounding like The Strokes for people on downers instead of uppers. If there was ever music to drink Sparks and spazz out to, this is it.

* Sleeping In The Aviary on MySpace
* Sleeping In The Aviary – “Another Girl” (left-click mp3)

The Federalists
I considered taking a wood shop or metals class so I could craft a trophy for The Federalists because they are the first and only band to spam me on MySpace whose music I actually ended up liking. They deserve some sort of recognition.

Now, I haven’t heard anything aside from the songs they have streaming on their page, but I am cool with every one of those. Their twanged-out rock reminds me of Old 97′s, Apollo Sunshine and The Trouble With Sweeney (who should probably be on this list themselves—they only have 15 friends!), all of whom I love. I feel comfortable endorsing The Federalists without hearing a full-length.

* The Federalists on MySpace

Declan O’Rourke
A singer/songwriter from Ireland, Declan O’Rourke reminds me some of Damien Dempsey, who released a couple albums here on Morrissey’s Attack Records. To my knowledge, O’Rourke doesn’t have distribution in the States, which is a real shame. He has some of the same vocal qualities as Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley, and that makes a song like “Galileo” sound absolutely perfect, even though there’s a bit of moon-June-spoonery in there that would irritate me otherwise. It’s too bad he took down his cover of Antony and the Johnsons’ “Hope There’s Someone,” because it works as an effective tool to show people who can’t get past Antony’s vocal weirdness what a great song it is.

* Declan O’Rourke on MySpace
* Declan O’Rourke – “Galileo (live)” (left-click mp3)

BONUS – Rodney Brillante
I can’t say anything objective about his music because he’s a buddy of mine, but you should head over to Rodzilla’s MySpace page, check out his music and add him as a friend. I won’t ask you for anything for my Christmas next year if you go do that.

* Rodney Brillante on MySpace

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I’ll definitely let you know about Minor Canon’s live show. I’m digging on that record though. It’s some good stuff.

Comment by Jeff
March 6, 2007 @ 6:31 pm


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