The Winner: Possibly decent comedy trapped in an awful format

I’m not really in the market for another new TV show to follow, but I like Rob Corddry and there was a time when “Family Guy” was actually consistently funny, so I thought I’d give the new sitcom “The Winner” a chance.

It stars Corddry as a thirty-something dude who still lives with his parents and is stuck in a delayed/perpetuated adolescence. He’s finally driven to get his life started when his childhood crush moves back to the neighborhood with her quirky son. Presumably, we’ll get to see the kid and Corddry “grow up” together, you know, should the series actually make it past a half dozen episodes.

The show features some good, off-beat humor. You get nice hard twists and the eager, half-aware dumbassery Corddry perfected on “The Daily Show,” but to get to those jokes, I have to wade through some truly heinous sitcom devices. The laugh track is loud, obnoxious and omnipresent, the simple exclusion of which would make the show roughly a billionty times better. Also, the bits with his parents are just awful, hacky, played-out family humor you’ve seen variations of since the dawn of television, which is a shame because Lenny Clarke is usually very funny.

“The Winner” certainly has potential, but its faults and my general bias against traditional multi-camera sitcoms may be strong enough to keep me away.

In other midseason TV news, “The Black Donnellys” is a solid B+, but it looks so expensive to make, it’ll almost certainly get yanked if it doesn’t immediately find a sizeable audience. Don’t get too attached.

Sunday March 04th 2007, 9:39 pm
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